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Title story

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“Gatto”, a member of the Roaming Hawks, and “Rose”, a lovely antique AI, falls into a wormhole and crash lands on an unknown planet called “Ureun”.

Their spaceship gets destroyed in the blast and Rose breaks down. Gatto faces off against powerful aliens to repair Rose.
He can’t lose his only partner and friend...!

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Title system

A new action game with two different perspectives!
Play top-down for effective maneuvers to avoid traps and make use of your surroundings, or play in TPP for a realistic sense of shooting down enemies.

Comic Gun Action on a sci-fi planet

Customize your loadout with a wide range of available options from 12 weapon types of weapons, 20 types of Special Moves, and 30 types of Upgrade Skills depending on the situation.

Fight a slew of gigantic bosses with a myriad of attack patterns.
Battle not only an elephant, bee, and octopus, but also a massive corn that blocks Gatto's way.

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Title characters




A former soldier who lives in isolation after getting gravely injured on a battlefield.
Currently working as a member of the [Roaming Hawks], he meets Rose for the first time when the leader, Alba, presents Gatto with the universal A.I. "Rose".
Rose's friendly approach to Gatto gradually opens his heart, but Rose's function is lost due to the spaceship's emergency landing.
Thus, he battles enemies on planet Ureun in order to find a way to repair Rose.



Universal A.I.

The aerospace A.I. installed on a spaceship controlled by Gatto. She has a lively personality and likes to play around.
She was originally was a product found to be faulty by its manufacturing company due to not meeting the standard computing power.
It was later purchased by Alba for a cheap price on the space market and sent to Gatto.
Gatto's unfriendly demeanor initially disappointed her, but she soon begins to approach with caution and becomes close friends after discovering a deep wound in his heart.



Resistance force working
with the Elbbaks

By instilling terrorism, she aids the exploited [Elbbaks], the creatures of Ureun, all across this planet.
She meets Gatto after stealing parts from Gatto's crashed spaceship.
She offers to help fix Rose, but only if Gatto assists her in rescuing the Elbbaks first.



Creature of planet Ureun

The Elbbaks are crustaceans with a weak body who are extremely curious and friendly to humans.
They are the planet Ureun's most populous race.
They are being exploited and forced to work for humans.

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Title product

Riffle Effect

  • Release Date:April 27th, 2023

  • Genre:New type of shooting action game with 2 types of perspectives!

  • Platform:Steam®

  • Players:Single

  • Languages:English, Japanese, Korean, Traditional & Simplified Chinese

  • Developer:OutsiderKids

  • Publisher:HIKE